The Easiest Way to Get a Medical Marijuana Card from Doctors Who Care.

Health & Wellness Medical Clinic helps people in California with qualifying conditions improve their health and overall lifestyle through medical marijuana treatment and recommendation. With two convenient Los Angeles locations, we serve patients in not only Downtown LA and East Los Angeles, but also South Gate, CA, Culver City, CA, Huntington Park, CA, Long Beach, CA, and Inglewood, CA (plus neighboring communities).

Our clinic’s philosophy is that it should be affordable, easy and accessible to receive medical marijuana evaluations for medical marijuana cards. As a clinic that practices holistic medicine and the comprehensive treatment of virtually any ailment, we have seen first-hand the power of medical marijuana for conditions from which it may be otherwise difficult to find relief. The untapped potential of this holistic medicine should, in our opinion, be available to all, which is why we provide helpful educational resources alongside evaluations and recommendations.

Get a California Medical Marijuana Card in 3 simple steps.

step-1Quick, confidential evaluation

medical marijuana evaluation can be scheduled at your convenience at either of the Health & Wellness Medical Clinic’s two Los Angeles locations. The examination is typically no longer than 15 minutes for most patients and is conducted by a licensed medical physician who will take the time to learn about any medical conditions you may have that could benefit from a medical marijuana recommendation.

There are hundreds of qualifying conditions that permit treatment by medical marijuana. Your medical evaluation is 100% confidential, and gives you access to a time-tested holistic medicine.

step-2Comprehensive medical recommendation

After your examination, our doctor will carefully review your individual conditions and any ailments to determine if they qualify for medical marijuana (cannabis) treatment under California law. Even if you believe that your condition cannot be treated with medical marijuana, please visit our clinic and allow our doctor to perform a full consultation. A practitioner of holistic medicine for over 30 years, Dr. Daniels is deeply familiar with the incredible benefits of medical marijuana and the wide spectrum of conditions it can treat.

If any of your conditions are qualified, you’ll receive a recommendation for specific treatment types and delivery methods. You’ll also be issued a medical marijuana card and literature containing California’s medical marijuana laws. Your medical marijuana card allows you access to holistic medicine throughout the state, whether you live in Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, CA, Culver City, CA, South Gate, CA, Inglewood, CA, Huntington Park, CA or anywhere else.

step-3Your medical marijuana card is issued

Patients who have completed our medical examination with a qualifying condition will receive a durable, plastic patient ID card containing your photograph, name, patient ID number, and your birthdate. This allows for your medical marijuana recommendation to be verified 24/7 online or by telephone. This card may be presented to law enforcement and contains important information about California’s medical marijuana laws.

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